Time to Pounce

Read Nehemiah 4:14

Please, please, please go back and read from verse 10. Rumors were beginning to spread that Nehemiah and his people were getting tired. Surely they were! Given the amount of work they were doing and the rapidity with which they were accomplishing the task. So when the enemies heard the rumor they started thinkin’ it was about time to pounce. The Jews who lived closest to the enemies heard about their sneaky plans and begged Nehemiah and the rest of those working, 10 times, to just quit and come home. Nehemiah intends to do no such thing. Instead he breaks everybody up into their families of origin and makes sure they are all armed and dangerous. Then he gave them their instructions, which we find in verse 14. He wants them to recall whom they serve and the great awesomeness embodied in Him.

ajay-walia-photographyWhen we truly grasp how incredible God is. When we finally embrace His power and love for us then we can understand why Nehemiah could say to his people, don’t be afraid of our enemies. Surely you’re aware of the truth that when God’s for us no one can be against us (at least not successfully). Nehemiah told them, “You might have to fight, and fight hard, but God is awesome so don’t be scared. We won’t lose.” Of course that’s my assumption there, but ultimately it’s the underlying message to them and us. Fight hard, win.

Father, You’ve made us more than conquerors because You’re phenomenal. Help us truly embrace Your love and strength toward us. Please, Jesus. Amen!

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