The enemy is Always Plotting War

Read Nehemiah 4:8-9

Sanballat and Tobiah and Israel’s other enemies hated the progress being made in Jerusalem. They did not want those walls rebuilt. So, when they discovered they couldn’t deride Nehemiah andCivil War-Old Eyeglasses 2 his crew into backing out of the assignment, they began to plot war against them. The enemy is always plotting war against the children of God. He’s especially more focused on the attack planning when we appear to be making progress in God’s directive and will. The enemy does not want God’s children to succeed on any front, in any way, and he will use all means possible to beat us down. He’ll attack us on the job, in our homes, through our finances or health. He’s hard core but our answer to those assaults should include the armor of God and prayer.

Take note that in the midst of hardship Nehemiah always hit his knees in humble, but precise and expectant, prayer. Here we see in verse 8 that they prayed and acted. Sometimes our biggest fault is that we pray and stay. We don’t move forward in faith. If Nehemiah had moved forward in the flesh he would have either determined to retreat or gather up his own army. Instead, he believes God will come to their aid and simply sets a watch to see when and how. Don’t allow your prayers to go stagnant because you’re too chicken to step out in faith.

Father, we need You to be obviously on our side. We need You to grow our faith, help our unbelief so that when we pray we move as though You’ve already answered and provided. We praise You in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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