A Crock Pot God

Read Nehemiah 4:1-6

First let’s note tLegohat things get done in Jerusalem in Nehemiah’s time because, “the people had a mind to work,” (v.6). Unfortunately we’ve all grabbed hold of a microwave culture forgetting we serve a crock pot God (I heard that somewhere). While Sanballat and Tobiah were cracking jokes on the Jews’ behalf, those things they were claiming were impossible, were actually the things getting done. The enemy wants to throw jabs, verbal and physical, at us so that the work God’s given us to do will seem highly improbable or wholly insurmountable.

We serve a God of the impossible. If He were only capable of doing the things we can do on our own He wouldn’t be much of a mighty God worthy of celebrating and serving. Nehemiah knew who his God was and he was not intimidated by the jeering. Instead he decided it’d be a good idea to turn the tables on his enemies. He prayed that God would do to Sanballat and Tobiah all that they were claiming for Jerusalem. Interestingly enough he makes sure to point out that their misbehavior and threats toward the children of God have done more than irritate the Jews. No, he says these guys have angered God Himself. Therefore his prayers are that God be vindicated for the wrong done to Him via the disrespect towards His children. If you read on you’ll find out what happens.

Father, we know that our best defense towards our enemies is You and Your command to love them because Your Word says we’ll heap flaming coals on their heads that way. Help us keep our calm when dealing with them. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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