Get Your Hands Dirty

Read Nehemiah 3:12

Up until this point we’ve seen lists of all the men working hard to rebuild Jerusalem. In fact, we’ve even seen some lazy behind nobles who were unwilling to get their hands dirtangry-womany for God’s cause (3:5). Therefore when I saw the last four words of this particular verse I had to smile. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a woman’s Biblical roles (which I believe are not culturally based as culture does not dictate the word of God). I’m certain some of you will get a little hot (if not a lot) under the collar about that stance but please recall that if it has no bearing on salvation it’s really not worth arguing about.

That soap box escaped, let me explain the smile elicited by these last four words. Shallum, a ruler of half of Jerusalem, repaired parts of the city with his daughter. I love when God points out the value of his daughter in the midst of a culture that would mostly ignore her. While man might have devalued women at that time the Creator of man did not. His Word recognizes their value in the midst of restoration and their ability to assist in rebuilding that which held great value in the Redeemer’s eyes. So, while you strive to adhere to Biblical principles of womanhood, don’t let the world lie to you about the value found therein. God acknowledges our import in His city.

Father, people get scared to grab hold of Your directives for women and their Biblical positions because they’ve been taught those roles are demeaning, powerless and without value. Breathe Your true Word and heart into these women that they may seek You in Spirit and in truth. In Jesus’ precious Name. Amen!

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