Big Wigs won’t Work

Read Nehemiah 3:5

This verse fascinated me. If you start at the beginning of Chapter 3 you’ll see that Nehemiah is pretty much telling you who did what in the midst of the rebuild Jerusalem project. Everybody’s doing something. When we hit verse 5 we see that the Tekoites are working too but then…the fascinating part… “their nobles would not stop to serve the Lord,” (ESV). I find myself wondering, “Who are these nobles and why do they, ‘put not their necks’ (KJV) to the work of the Lord?” A quick look at Strong’s tells me that nobles are (117) ‘addîyr meaning wide, large and powerful. So as we all probably suspected, the nobles are the Tekoites’ big wigs. Further investigation says that the word put is 935, bôw’, meaning to go or come and not their necks is 6677, tsavvâ’r, which creates this feel of being bound by the back of the neck.

1-IMG_8379Yep, I can totally see this, the big wigs, the head honchos, had no desire to take the yoke of work upon themselves. They were not interested in having to stoop, to bow down before the Lord. Nehemiah wasn’t going to give them credit for helping either. He wasn’t going to let them ride the wave of work accomplished on the back of those who were truly devoted. This is a warning for us as well. No, we may not be nobles, but if we’re choosing not to bow down to the work of the Lord, if we’re refraining from allowing Him to bind our necks, it won’t go unnoticed. So, friend, dear one, if you’re thinking your church attendance is getting you somewhere let me blow the bullhorn that wakes you up. Bow before your King and beg Him for any and all opportunity to serve. He’s always watching and He knows your heart.

Father, I don’t want to be someone who fails to stoop to do Your work. Show me the good works You planned before hand and empower me to walk in them. By Jesus’ strength and sacrifice, I’m able to come before You. Thank You. Amen!

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