Standing up to the Haters

Read Nehemiah 2:20

Nehemiah is standing up to the haters here. Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshen (v. 19) are poking fun at him and accusing them all of rebelling against the king. Nehemiah isn’t even phased. He lets them know who’s on his side, what’s going down and what their position in the kingdom is. I’m reminded of a quote I’ve heard many times, “When satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.” Nehemiah lets these guys know, in no uncertain terms, that God’s on his side, they will rebuild and be successful. He also informs them that they will have no part in, or claim to, Jerusalem. I wonder how much more powerful we’d be if we’d realize whose we are, how powerful He is and the fact that our enemies are already defeated.PICT2933

We don’t play the game of this life from the position of winners. Nehemiah did. We quote the whole, more than conquerors verse, and yet we walk around whimpering and defeated. We cry about the minutest trials, we wimp out of the easiest tasks. We feel His call on our lives, knowing we’ve our own Jerusalem to rebuild and yet we just keep on testing the drinks, hanging out in the boat. I’m so tired of the mundane, go nowhere life. I’m tired of cringing on the sidelines while the enemy throws every doubt and possible failure at me and my family. I told my son, the oldest one, recently, that life’s a series of choices. We can bow down to fear or walk in faith. Really those are the only two options. I guess we need to decide where we intend to live our lives, in fear or faith.

Father, I do want to live a life of faith, wholly trusting You in everything I do. Help my unbelief. Jesus, I need You! Amen!

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