Strip Down Like David Praise

Read Ezra 9:13-15

Take a moment right now, if you don’t mind, to thank God for the fact that God has punished each of us far less than our iniquities deserved (v. 13). Remember the wages of sin is death and if you’re born again you’ve walked away from death to life by the blood of the Lamb. Yet, you really did deserve that place where there’s weeping and gnashing of teeth. God deserves extravagant, strip down like David (or the like), praise for not giving us what we deserve. Ezra understood that. I think perhaps if we’d acknowledge and contemplate/meditate on the awesomeness of His redemption, we would be considerably less likely to break His commandments and practice abominations (v. 14).

Ezra had to be before God in all his guilt just like the rest of Israel because their slates had not been wiped clean by the blood of Christ. Thankfully, we get to put on Christ and stand before God holy and blameless because He literally covers us with, and in, Himself. Oh that we’d fully grasp the reality and privilege that is the adoption provided to us by the King. You can’t stand before God in your flesh of sin and think that you’ll get anywhere with Him. Your guilt will condemn you. 1-IMG_8379Face it, you need Jesus because without Him the odds are utterly against you. Understand that we’ve all neglected the King’s commands; we’ve all gone astray. Jesus is the only way to redemption and reconciliation. We all need Him.

Father, if we’re reading this and we don’t truly, eternally know You, open wide our eyes and lead us to salvation through Christ’s sacrifice. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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