Jesus was not Seeker Friendly

Read Ezra 9:3-11

I’m gonna jump around a little here. Take a look at verse ten. It sums up the whole of humanity in its last statement. We have indeed forsaken His commandments. We see in verse 11 that concept we’ve all heard before, you know the one, be in the world and not of the world. God told them not to unite with the world’s people and their impure abominations. Yet, we find churches and believers doing all they can to fit in, to be hip and entertaining, cutting edge and seeker friendly. Newsflash, Jesus was not seeker friendly. Eat of my flesh ring a bell? How ‘bout let the dead bury their dead, or sell all that you have and give to the poor? Yeah, He was more seeker drive away. He wasn’t down with seekers, He wanted finders and disciples.  But I digress, that’s a soap box for a different day. I want to take you back to verse 3 now. Just take a moment or two to really allow the magnitude of Ezra’s reaction to their sin to sink in, to create a visual play by play in your mind’s eye. Can you see how utterly tormented he was by the fact the people had forsaken the commands of the Lord? He ripped out his own hair, guys! He looked like a madman freaking 173203660_cfe6b7c70b_mout, hair flying, clothes shredded sitting in the dirt, wholly disturbed by sin. What’s happened to us? Sin barely even gets a wince from some of us these days. In fact there are whole churches embracing sin without one iota of remorse. Ezra is so distraught over his people’s failure that he prays for them all, taking their sins as his own as well (v. 6-7). Notice the use of our in his prayers. Ezra got the concept of unity, one Body-ness before Jesus even talked about it. Why don’t we?

Father, remind us that we are our brother’s keepers and literally break our hearts for what breaks Yours. Please we ask You in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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