Shake our Holier-than-thou Heads

Read Ezra 9:1-2

Shake your heads with me here. What are you guys doing? We might be tempted to ask. You just walked unharmed into Jerusalem carrying insane amounts of gold and silver that even the average good person would have attempted to steal from you. God kept you safe from all the ambushes lying wait for you. There should be no doubt in your minds just how powerful He is and yet you walk away from His statutes? Sure, it’s so easy to shake our holier-than-thou heads at what seems like utter Israelite ignorance. Yet, how many of us have been going ‘round the same mountain for years too? How many of us have seen miraculous answers to prayer and yet we’ve returned back to that old familiar sin? That old way of thinking, being or acting?

file6261309032349As much as it pains me to say this, it’s easy to forget God. You’d think it’d be impossible but in truth we’re so self-centered that as soon as He rescues us from one travesty we move on without further consideration. I’ve no idea what your sins are, or what false ways most entice you, but I hear some things from my past beckoning me at times of spiritual weakness. The Israelites were made weak because they intermingled faith systems, which is exactly what the world would have us do. Mix a little new age, metaphysics, positive cognitive psychology with a little eastern yoga and muslim prayer rugs and you’ll be good. No sir! God does not share or negotiate. It’s all Jesus or it’s none of Him. Don’t get turned around, or back.

Father, keep us from our old ways, Make us more like Your Son and more in love with Him. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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