About to Ride Out

Read Ezra 8:31

I went back to read v. 24-36 just to get a better understanding of the context herein. You’re more than welcome to do the same. We find in verses 26 & 27 that those traveling with Ezra were carrying some serious valuables. We’re talking literal tons of silver and gold which had all been declared holy to God. No doubt people were aware of the voyage about to ensue and certainly greed was just as alive then as it is now. Therefore, when we find in verse 31 that God protected His people from all the ambushes by the way, we should not be surprised. I mean really, if the


wrong people knew you were about to ride out with a minimum of 7500lbs of gold they’d be plotting and planning every angle waiting to leap out, accost you and rip your valuables from your hand.

This is exactly what Ezra and those with him encountered but the hand of God was upon them. Herein lies a place of comfort for us because if we go back to verse 28, we see that while the gold and silver were declared holy and therefore valuable, so were those who carried them. God wasn’t just protecting His Benjamins. His bling was not all that was on His mind when He protected His people from those who would do them harm. No, the very people delivering the goods were of tremendous value to the King. When you became a follower of Christ you became a vessel for honorable use (Romans 9:21). You became holy and worthy of His protection and provision. Seek His hand upon you in all you do and He will make straight and safe your path.

Father, we desire You. We want to hear, see, and grow closer to, You. Put Your hand upon us in tangible ways, please. We ask this of You in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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