The King of Zingers

Read Ezra 6:6-12

You kind of have to want to applaud King Darius here. He just made the enemies of the Jews provide for them. They had to help pay for the rebuilding of the temple and for the sacrifices to be offered in it. I think God likes irony. He’s the King of zingers. Just go read about Mordecai and Haman. I love also that Darius understood that it was in his best interest to support the Jews as he hoped they would pray for he and his sons (v. 10). He knew that the God of the Jews was real and heard the cry of His people and he wanted to ensure those cries were lifted on his behalf. While that’s all fine and dandy irony, and please pray for me, Darius also didn’t want to be misinterpreted or disobeyed.

poopNope, he decreed that anyone messing with the Jews would be impaled upon a beam from his home and then, this cracks me up, his house would be made into a dunghill (5122) nevâlûw meaning to be foul or stink. Yep, if you messed with the Jews or altered Darius’ decrees in any way, you’d be put to death and your family name would be worse than mud… Beyond that, Darius asks that God overthrow anyone who opposed the order. What would this look like then if anti-Semitism was treated with equal disdain and penalty? There’d be a lot of outhouses around the world. In fact, whole areas of the planet would utterly reek. It’s really a shame that people disregard the intensity of the Father’s love for His people, Israel, and if we don’t get back to supporting them, being on their side, Scripture tells us we’ll be cursed. Oh it’s coming, friend, and I’m no fan of dung. You?

Father, enable us to share Your love for Israel and the gravity of the situation for those who oppose her. Show us what and how to do Your will for her. In Jesus’ Name, we seek Your direction. Amen!

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