Utter Disaster of a Woman

Read Ezra 4:12-16

Israel’s enemies needed ammunition to shut down the progress of the rebuilding of Jerusalem. Therefore they sent word to the then king to reveal the history of Jerusalem’s rebellious nature. They assured the king that he’d lose money and control. I’m so thankful that my King doesn’t hold my past against me. I’m intensely grateful that He doesn’t prevent me from serving in His kingdom based on my past rebellious and wicked ways that were certainly hurtful to Him. Man, what an amazing thing grace is! How incredible that a Holy, blameless God would love a tatted up, utter disaster of a woman and deem her worthy (in His Son’s blood) to help rebuild His claim on the world. I wonder if we ever truly consider our own vile minuteness next to His glorious greatness?

I mean, seriously, why would the God of all creation give a flying flip about a sexually immoral, blasphemous, idolater of a woman? Surely there are kinder, more compassionate, bigger smiling,me 003 huggers out there who’d be better employed in His service than I am and yet… Sure, He knows what I’ve done just as ultimately Artaxerxes understood the damage the Jews could do to his standing in his kingdom and yet… I love those 2 words, and yet… While Artaxerxes quaked in his boots enough to halt their progress, God wipes my slate clean and hands me the keys to His house. He lets this previously (and sometimes still) heinous woman in. I’m in awe of the depth of His love for quite unlovable humanity.

Father, thank You for Your love letter written in nails, thorns and an empty tomb. We don’t deserve You but we’re so thankful that Jesus fixes that. Thank You, Jesus! Amen.

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