Sabotage Your Progress

Read Ezra 4:4

Please feel encouraged to read 4:1-6. Note then that in verse one we see what kind of people we’re dealing with: adversaries. Whenever your adversaries/enemies/opponents (v. 1) act like they want to help you (v. 2), be wise like Zerubbabel, Jeshua and the other heads of father’s houses and deny them access to your projects and endeavors (v. 3). Listen, that same word, adversaries (6862), tsar, is translated elsewhere as: distress, trouble and tribulation among other things. Even when your enemies claim change, claim to have the same goals, be wary because chances are great that they’re really just trying to sabotage your progress (v. 4). I wonder who, or what, is sabotaging your forward motion? What’s causing you to fear? Is it some past deed hiding in a dark closet, one the enemy always threatens to reveal whenever you want to take a step closer to the King? Whenever you want to busy yourself with reconstructing/renovating His house?

The truth is, friend, if you’ve brought that skeleton into the light before your Father in Heaven and He’s chosen to leave it unrevealed to the rest of the world, the enemy can’t get past that decision.file0001312170283 Trust God to be your Protector, don’t let the people of the land scare you into standing still because of past mistakes. The people of Ezra’s time were being accused by their enemies. They were being written about, in a false light, to the king of the time and for a brief moment the lies seemed to hinder them (at the end of chapter 4). But by chapter 5, they were back to rebuilding. The enemy can only stop you when God lets him. Otherwise don’t be scared and don’t stop building.

Father, You know our deep dark secrets and yet You choose to use us in spite of poor past decisions. Empower us to rebuke the enemy whenever he tries to scare us away from Your directives. Protect us in Jesus’ Name, please. Amen!

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