Fragmented People

Read Ezra 3:1

Read the last part of that verse a few times, let this concept of unity hit you square between the eyes. If you’ve ever done any Biblical study, spent any time in the New Testament, no doubt you’ve been exposed to this over-arching theme. Unity is essential for both progress and success. God makes a man and a woman one in marriage. They are supposed to function in unity yet often we walk around in disharmony battling one another’s selfish ambitions. Additionally, Christ asks that His Church, His children, His disciples, be one as He is one and yet daily “churches” split, leaving fractions in one building while fragmented people try to begin anew. Harmony, unity, are a fact here and that’s a problem we must rectify.

IMG_7192_pWhen there are hundreds, if not nearly thousands, of denominations claiming to adhere to just one Bible, one God, one Spirit, somehow we’ve lost our numerical skills. Decimals have become far too abundant as we each grab minutia to base our denominational doctrines on. Either the whole of Scripture is God breathed or it’s the most successful lie of all time. Look, the people working on the Father’s house in Jerusalem, as written about in Ezra, could not have accomplished the task laid before them amidst great threats and taunts if they’d been disunified. If it’d been every man for himself, as it often is in our “churches,” friendships and other relationships, they’d have gotten nowhere and would have run scared. We’ve got to get it together, quit the bickering over words (2 Timothy 2:14) and build His house together.

Father, You know how amputated Your Body has become. Be the healer You are and knit us back together for Your glory. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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