Stirred and Raised

Read Ezra 1:5

This is quite the story and certainly worth the less than 10 page read. But, if that amount of Bible reading is too intimidating for you, feel free to just read chapter 1. You’ll find that Cyrus, a king of Persia (which is interesting in and of itself if you’re familiar with Daniel 10:13) was moved by God to build Him a house in Jerusalem (v.2). So he sends out a letter to let everyone know his plans to build and he seeks out the Israelite exiles who might be inclined to participate. Yet, he doesn’t expect them to go that road alone. No, he commands everybody else to offer them the necessary finances and materials with which to build the Lords’ house in Jerusalem. And, they do it (v. 6)!3500 years old stairs Crete-Gournia

Which brings us back one verse to see something that grabs my attention. Even though the edict went out to all, exiles and natives, it was only those who’d been “stirred” by the Holy Spirit who actually participated in the building. This concept intrigued me so, in the KJV it says they were “raised” which in Hebrew is ‘ûwr meaning, “opening the eyes, to wake (literally or figuratively).” I wonder if the impact is as strong for you. God awakened those He intended to build His house! He does the same thing today. So I ask you, what has He awakened in you? What has He opened your eyes to and for? Where is your service to Him directed and focused? Or are you still slumbering? Notice that all, everyone, who’d been stirred rose up to do as they’d been directed. Is it the same for you? Will you do as He commands? Will you help Him build His house?

Father, we understand that the construction of Your house is quite different these days. Help us remain awake and attentive to all opportunities to build. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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