His Wings

Read Ruth 3:9-14

Maybe I’m the only one who finds this chapter odd. I’m certain I should do deeper research as to why Naomi would direct Ruth to uncover Boaz’s feet and lie down there (v. 4). She told her to get cleaned up (v. 3) and go do that and then await Boaz’s instruction. I suspect I am missing some nuance of tradition or culture here because from my feeble mind it appears a bit risqué (and risky). Yet, thankfully, Boaz was a man of honor (who tells her to sneak out in the morning before anyone sees her – v. 14). These are of course questions for a deeper scholar than myself. Therefore I am most gripped by the fact she wants Boaz to cover her with his wings which is something we know God to do (Psalm 91:4).IMG_6885

There is again, then, this emphasis on his position as a redeemer for her, a sort of savior for her desperate times. I love that he applauds her reputation (v. 11). I think we see a lot of worldly focus on a man’s reputation and generally a woman’s reputation is only discussed when it has a negative connotation. We need to understand that as God-fearing women our reputations will precede us and affect the opinions of the populace. Ruth won Boaz over because she was a hard-working, devoted and worthy woman. What words would be employed to describe each of us? This is a part of our legacy.

Oh Father, I want to be known as a woman after Your own heart, as one who loved her husband and her children with Your love. A woman who served her Savior and Spiritual siblings with joy and gladness. Help me to be who You designed me to be. Please. I pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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