Red-Faced Ranters

Read Ruth 2:10-12

If we see Boaz as an example of Christ, as we’re often taught to do, then this verse offers us the encouragement that our good deeds (though miniscule comparatively) will not go unnoticed. The sacrifices we make for those in need, the devotion we provide to our Bodily comrades, will result in rewards. Herein lies a theological debate that often turns people into red-faced ranters. We’re frequently pummeled by those who are anti do because there resides in them some pharisaical fear that those who desire to do will somehow traverse the slippery slope of legalism, or fall smack dab into the pit of salvation by works. This was not lost on Paul, nor did James ignore the intensity of the issue. Unfortunately, we’ve been so inundated with those red-faced fear mongers that some of us have been halted for the sake of appeasing their masses.

DSCN5900Here’s the logical and certainly spiritual truth: when you love someone with every ounce of your being you desire nothing more than to please him/her, to provide and do all you can for that individual. Why then would your love for the Savior of your eternity result in any other behavioral format? If you love me, Christ tells us, do what I command. Why call me Lord if you don’t do what I tell you (Luke 6:46)? Guess what, the whole of His Word is what He told us. Sure, it’s summed up in 2 commands (which are far more difficult to adhere to than you think) but even David loved His law. No, we cannot be loved more, or be given more grace, because of our doing, but if we really love Him we should just want to do.

Father, Your Word tells us that You work in us to will and to do Your good pleasure. Work mightily now so that we might bring You glory upon glory. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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