A Mean Wretch

Read Ruth 1:21

Read the verse before this one to understand the second half of verse 21. Have you ever been bitter? It’s awful, there’s this deep-seated angst that bubbles over at the most inopportune times. You’re forced to wonder why you’re such a mean wretch and then you realize that bitterness is the fruit of unforgiveness. It’s time to get on your knees and weed out your garden. I wonder also if you’ve ever felt like Naomi in verse 21, like you started off well, you began the voyage prepared and blessed and then, seemingly without cause, all is lost.

file0002062790027If you’ve ever had a miscarriage, you understand this thought: you left for the doctor’s appointment feeling full of growing wee-one only to find none there. You left your home full of hope and joy and expectation and returned empty, pulverized and stricken. Naomi lost both grown children and her husband. Seems she had much to be bitter about. Here’s something to note, even though Naomi was distraught and bitter, there still existed within her a ray of hope for she recalled her husband’s relative, Boaz. Certainly you’ve often heard that Boaz was a type and picture of Christ and is indeed in His human based lineage. Naomi lost her bitterness when her kinsman redeemer came to the rescue, when she chose to allow a part of herself (Ruth) to reach out to him. As one who battles bitterness, I can assure you that your name will remain Mara until you reach out to your Redeemer for help.

Father, please, my heart cries out to You for help in eradicating the bitterness that taints my thoughts and emotions. Help me, Jesus. Amen.

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