Stuck at Self-Control

Read 2 Peter 1:6


I’ve been writing devotions for nearly six years and I’m always bothered by the one or two verse method utilized by a vast majority of publications. I say this to you here because I’d like you to actually read verse 3-11, not just verse 6, which when read singly makes little sense. That said, WOW! Verse 3 tells us we’ve got all we need for life and godliness if we’ll take the time to know Him. We’re advised in verse 5-7 to build upon our faith with virtue, knowledge, self-control, steadfastness, godliness, brotherly-affection and finally, love. As I considered these instructions it occurred to me that I must have chosen verse 6 as a focal point because on the path of faith, in the midst of proper temple building, we often get stuck at self-control. And if we get stuck there we never attain the pinnacle and purpose of our faith: love. I wonder what self-control areas are problematic for you (though I’m sure if you’re like me you could divulge a list of bothersome areas). I suspect then that we struggle in the self-control arena because we haven’t successfully shored up our walls with virtue and knowledge. That virtue word means valor and excellence (also manliness but since I am writing for women, we’ll stick with the excellence focus). If we haven’t cleansed our lives and hearts our mouths are probably still revealing that (out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks) and if our words aren’t virtuous, we’re probably aren’t going to move forward. If however, we’re surpassed that milestone properly then it’s highly likely that we’re failing in knowledge (our study of the Word to grow closer to God). Listen, friends, self-control doesn’t come without God’s hand. Be sure and get to know Him and you’ll be back on track toward love.


Father, You know how many failings we have and how insignificant our success devices really are. We need You to move in our lives to aid us in gaining the control necessary to be more like You. Help us we pray. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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