Millstones are Really Heavy

Read Psalm 12:7-8

Read that whole psalm. I’m not sure a truer word for this time could have been written. Well I know there’s nothing new under the sun but as I walk closer to the edge of this life, namely as I age, I can totally agree with David that the faithful have vanished (v. 1), that people lie and flatter in the midst of their double-minded, wishy-washy, lukewarm lives (v. 2). Of course, if God jumped in there and cut off all those with flattering lips (v. 3) then we’d have a good number of mostly empty churches. In fact I’d go so far to say that you might have even attempted to flatter this writer at some point if you’ve been reading for long. No doubt I’ve been guilty of flattery at various times in this life. I’m so glad to serve a God that doesn’t give me what I deserve, millstones are really heavy (do your research).

file2201253960963It’s nice then to reach verse 7 and find that the King intends to guard and keep us because as verse 8 reveals, mankind exalts all manner of vileness. I wonder if David could even fathom the depravity we’ve succumbed to. Obviously all these vile things existed in his time and apparently people had little problem praising evil, but would they have cheered as a nation as babies were murdered, God fearing people were beheaded and various other atrocities daily took place?

Oh, Father we’ve ruined Your precious creation, ourselves and Your plan. We’ve broken Your heart and do not deserve Your love, grace or mercy. Thank You, Father, for loving us anyway. In Jesus’ Name we abide. Amen.

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