Wolves with Amnesia

Read Galatians 1:13

I am always amazed by who Saul was before that blinding road side experience (Acts 9). He reminds the Galatians here that his previous behavior (391) while in Judaism led him to pursue and persecute (1377) the ĕkklēsia (1577), the called out ones. He hunted them down, essentially. That word wasted (KJV) and destroy (elsewhere) is (4199) pŏrthĕō, meaning to sack, ravage. Just to get a clearer glimpse of what Paul’s telling people, that word ravage can be defined as causing severe and extensive damage. Yes, friends, Saul (who became Paul) intended to shred the church (1577).

IMGP2006Many of us are still on that path and we just don’t realize it. We’re tainting His people by our presence because some of us are wolves with amnesia. We’ve been lost for so long while enveloped in the arms of Sunday and Wednesday services we look in the mirror and forget we’ve got pointy ears and sharp teeth. What big eyes we have, eyes to be involved in everything while truly sacrificing nothing. Eyes to sit on councils and run boards with hearts that are ice. I give myself chills when I consider the number of Sauls sitting in our pews. The denominations that embrace sin, broadcast it and ultimately denounce the Word of God while displaying crosses on their billboards, stationary and staff t-shirts. Wolves, friends. They outnumber the sheep and will fall into the pit with those they’re blindly leading. Whose hand are you holding and has Christ removed your scales (Acts 9:18)?


Father, my heart hurts for those so deceived that will eventually be told to depart having never known or been known. Wake us up, Father. Show us our true selves.  In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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